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Welcome to Audio Tutorial Videos!

Welcome to Audio Tutorial Videos! As you can see, the site is dedicated to audio and music technology tutorial videos found all over the INTERNET and put together in one page for easier access and organisation.

An image or a video can say a lot more than a written manual sometimes, so I had the idea of gathering all online tutorials that are found all over the net in various video sharing services like Youtube and Vimeo and make them available in one page so music lovers will have an easier task of locating the appropriate tutorial video of their choice without searching all over the net for it. On the site you will find tutorials for various known sequencing programs(DAWs) like Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason, etc as well as various tips and tricks for Recording, Mixing & Mastering. I have also included a section with videos demonstrating various VSTs and their function, as well as a Performing section with videos related to live performance.

Obviously, the site will be updated regularly with new tutorials, and I encourage users to send me links with any tutorials that they find through the contact form. You can also contact me if you have a video you need to upload it and you don't know how, I will be happy to help.

I hope the site proves valuable to people getting inot music production in general. With the support of all of you, I hope we can make a great online portal for music education!

How to use the site

From the menu at the top you can choose the category of the videos you are looking for. You can also search for your video by using the search form. Each video will have info on the number of times it has been viewd, the category to which it belongs and the average rating it has received from users. Clicking on the image thumbnail allows the user to view the particular video. At the top of the video you see the title. At the bottom, you get three tabs. The first one called Rating, allows the user to rate the video. Also, if you are a registered user, you can also view the original video, add it to favourites and report it if you feel it insults you or violates certain legal rights. The second one is called Share, allows the user to share the video to almost all community based sites available, like Facebook, Digg, etc. The third tab named Info, contains the description of the video and the tags that are being used for searching purposes. On the right of the videoplayer, you see the Prev & Next buttons that take you to the previous and next video respectively. The Permalink box contains the URL location of the video currently being viewed. The Embeded Code box contains the code that can be used for embedding the particular video to any other site. Underneath, you can see a selection of related videos and also a selection of more videos from the same category. Scrolling down, you see the Video Comments area where you can leave your comment for that video and see other video commects. You need to be a registered user, to utilise this function.

User Bar

Once you are logged in, a menu with one option appears on the left under the user login area. Here, you can view your favourites and remove any videos by clicking Your Favourites link. Clicking again on one of the favoured videos displays the video player and from there, you can remove it from your favourites by clicking the Remove from favourites button.